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Our expertise and ability to finish well sets us apart.

cMc Asset management located in the River Valley of Fort Smith, Arkansas specializes in property management of real estate, brokering in 3 sectors * Communications * Petroleum * Medical.

With a portfolio and network across the United States we leverage best practices and real-time date to achieve operational performance. Our corporate team collaborates across a complete spectrum to achieve optimal single asset and portfolio management.




Mr. Clifton D. Cabaness II, also known as Cliff, co-founded Trinity Property Management, LLC in 2003 and served as the Chief Executive Officer and President. Mr. Cabaness has over 25 years of experience in real estate including ownership and management of single-family homes, multifamily complexes, land development and major rehabilitation projects. Over the last 2 decades Mr. Cabaness has been involved in management and oversight of 400 corporate employees and 20,000 apartment homes, with combined value of over 375 million. He has experience in design, build, value add asset reposition. He recently formed cMc Asset Management company to oversee his current owned units and is in a graduated sell off, of Trinity Multifamily which he cofounded in 2003. Trinity Multifamily manages 17,000 units in 13 states. Further enhancing his expertise, he is an experienced Real Estate Inspector, a Commercial Real Estate Agent and a member of the National Association of Realtors. Prior to co-founding Trinity, he served as Chief Operating Officer and Partner in 13 multi-state quick service restaurants from 1995-2000. During this time, he evaluated and designed locations, negotiated leases, supervised construction projects and hired and trained team members. He ultimately supervised 250 including a complete back office support team. During the early 1990s, he served as the Hospital Administrator at multibed facility in Baton Rouge, LA. Before this he served in the Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer from 1987 to 1995. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Arkansas State University and with a MA, from Trinity University.

Mr. Cabaness serves on the Board of Directors of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Board Trustee at Williams Baptist College. Board Chairman for Manes and Miracles 501c3 in Fort Smith, AR, School Board Vice Chairman at Union Christian Academy in Fort Smith, AR. He is also an active member of First Baptist church in Fort Smith, AR where he serves has Chairman of the missions committee, He is an Ordained Deacon, and serves on other Leadership committees within his church body. Cliff has been married for 27 years to Marcy and been blessed to raise 4 children. His 2 daughters and his niece and nephew.



Mathew R. Wester, also known as Matt, joined cMc Asset Management in 2019 as Director of Accounting and Operations and has since then been promoted to Vice President of Administration. Matt has over 25 years of experience in Accounting and Management combined. Prior to cMc, Matt worked for Rheem Manufacturing in Fort Smith for more than 16 years in the accounting department beginning as an analyst, later being promoted to management. Matt managed over 400 customer accounts in multiple regions. While working at Rheem, together with his wife he managed multi-family unit’s maintenance team and landscaping for Phillips Development out of Little Rock, Arkansas. Preceding Rheem and Phillips, Matt worked as a Right of Way Agent for Cinnabar Service company in Tulsa Oklahoma. He negotiated contracts and easements with land owners. Amplifying his expertise, he was a Store Manager who was promoted to Regional Manager in the Restaurant industry in the mid to late 90’s through early 2000. He managed multiple employees and directed budgets for his region.

Mathew served in the Army National Guard 2005-2013 while being deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006-2007. Graduating from John Brown University with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in 2012, Matt continued to pursue his career in Business Management. Matt married his wife Jeannie in 1998 and has been happily married for 22 years. Together they are blessed to have 2 children with their youngest finishing his Junior year in High School and the oldest attending her Freshman year at UCA. Matt and his family are active members in New Life Van Buren otherwise known as NLVB where he and his wife work with Leadership committees.



Todd Crumb became a member of the CMC Asset Management staff in December 2019 and was hired on as the Director of Leasing. He was quickly promoted to Regional Director. Before joining the CMC family, Todd worked in the real-estate industry as a Property Manager supervising 400 units in multiple locations. He has experience managing single family and multifamily properties from 2017 to present. Prior to moving to Fort Smith in 2017, Todd was the acting Superintendent for a San Antonio based Waste Water Management Company. During his time with the company, he managed the installation and maintenance of aerobic waste water facilities. Todd worked for Great Plains Oilfield Rental from 2010 to 2016. Great Plains is a subsidiary of Chesapeake Energy. Chesapeake Energy is an Oklahoma City based exploration and production company that pioneered horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracture in multiple areas across the United States. During this business venture, Todd worked his way up to the position of Operations Manager. Todd graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2019 from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. Todd is currently enrolled at East Central University in pursuit of his MBA.

Todd is originally from Sulphur, Oklahoma. Todd and his wife Kaci, moved to Fort Smith in August of 2018. They were married in July of 2018. Kaci has worked for the Farm Service Agency for 10 years. Todd and Kaci have been happily married for 2 years. They are both parishioners of Immaculate Conception Church in Fort Smith, AR.



Shawn Nixon brings more than 14 years of experience in the oil and gas business, which includes Drilling operations, business development, Operational process and financial management to his role as Senior Partner at C&S Petroleum Enterprises, LLC. He currently leads the Business Development and Strategy Divisions for the company. In his short tenure with the company, Mr. Nixon has been a huge driving force behind growing C&S’s portfolio to 15 billion.

Before joining C&S Petroleum Enterprises, Mr. Nixon spent a year at a VC, as Managing Partner. After becoming a managing partner, Mr. Nixon took on the responsibilities for reviewing potential investments and developing comprehensive risk analysis reports. He assisted in auditing bank statements and financials for potential acquisitions, while monitoring several large investment deals from their inception to their completion. Working closely with his partners, he created revenue and expense projections that would be used to determine the viability of each deal. He was very instrumental in procuring over $400 million in underwriting and obtaining 4 billion in project management.

Prior to joining the VC, Shawn owned Deep Impact Consulting, a Consulting firm for the oil and gas, Medical and Tech Industries.
He also helped lead Schlumberger’s business operations in Esso Papua New Guinea for EM technologies that enabled them to obtain a $72 million dollar contract with Exxon Mobil Corporation. He spent two years working with New Zealand and Icelandic government energy divisions to establish Schlumberger’s drilling department in the geothermal market of New Zealand. Mr. Nixon has worked on CSG projects in North central and Southern Australia for Schlumberger’s Drilling and Measurement Division. Shawn graduated from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville with a degree in pre-law studies. After graduation, Shawn worked for LK International, in Seoul, S. Korea, where he spearheaded the Business Development and Operational Divisions. He took LK International from 15 million in annual revenue, to 60 million in just two years. Mr. Nixon is a member of The Society of Professional Engineers in Papua New Guinea. He is also a member of the Windsor Energy Group and Associate Partner at Trilateral Group. He holds a supervisory certification in Well Control from PESCI Well Control Inc. He is currently scheduled to attend Oxford University for their Executive Management accreditation in Blockchain Management and Strategy.



Dana Williams became a member of cMc Asset Management staff in September 2020 and was hired on as the Accounting Manager. Dana has over 25 years in Accounting and IT background. Prior to cMc, Dana worked at Weldon, Williams, Lick in their Accounting Department. Preceding WWL Dana worked as a Limited Licensed Ex-Ray Technician for Community Family Medical in Roland Oklahoma. Dana was a scribe for the Physicians, Prescription Writer, Office Manager, Medical Billing and Ex-Ray Technician while work for the clinic for 3 years. Preceding Dana worked as an IT Analyst at Golden Living. While waiting for the final date for lay off Dana went back to college where she earned her degree and ultimately passing her State of Arkansas boards to become a Limited Licensed Ex-Ray Technician. Dana was a IT Database Administrator and Accounting Manager for for 9 years until 2005.

Dana has dual degrees. One is B.A in Accounting and B.B.A in Business Administration from John Brown University graduating in 1993. Dana is happily married to Eddie Farmer for 9 years. Separately they are blessed each to have children Dana has 2 sons and Eddie has 1 son who are all well and adjusted adults. Dana and Eddie are avid fishermen who often are out fishing for Striper, Catfish, and Crappie.

justin torrey



Justin Torrey became a member of the CMC Asset Management staff in June 2020 and was hired on as the Director of Leasing. Before joining the CMC family, Justin was in law enforcement for 7 years. Justin has enjoyed serving people and helping the community in various church and community organizations. Justin has been the lead on many remolding projects in residential and commercial settings, while also running a successful pressure washing business and landscaping company. Justin has excelled in leasing, customer service and financial records. His work record is exemplary and continues to expand his knowledge base through training, in services, and fair housing tutorials. He is a huge asset and integrity is his hallmark. Justin is originally from Lavaca, Arkansas but moved to Barling when he got married to his wife Hannah in 2016. Hannah has worked for the First Western Bank for the past 6 years and recently took a position with Bancorp South. They have both been serving in ministry for the past 6 years and are currently youth pastors and co-founders of the newly planted Kingdom Church in the Chaffee Crossing district of Fort Smith, AR.