CMC Asset Management is your Fort Smith property management service. Located in the Arkansas River Valley, CMC Asset Management incorporates best business practices and real time analytics to improve your operational performance. CMC Asset Property Management has over 25 years of experience. Our dedication combined with a hands-on approach, has proven to be a perfect balance to achieve maximum efficiency that maximizes N.O.I on our Personally Owned Assets.

Fort Smith Property Management services that incorporate real time analytics to improve operational performance.


Our Services Set Us Apart

Accounting: We deploy customized and financial reporting solutions
Security: Customized security planning, tools, and services
Project Management: Global involvement in design, build, manage and trade creates seamless execution
Human Resources: Talent attraction, onboarding, personal investing and training is our proven key to high level success

Growth: Always, within our foundation to mitigate risk of poor execution, increasing liability, and general sub-standard management practices putting ourselves and investment patrons at risk.
Access Portal: We utilize a user-friendly asset management software that allows online payment options, direct communication with management team with work orders or request.

Contact Information
Cliff Cabaness II, Owner

Physical Address:
7411 Ellis Street
Suite 200
Ft Smith, AR, 72916
Mailing Address:
P.O Box 23100
Barling, AR, 72923

Other Asset Management Services We Offer

Petroleum Asset Management
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Our company supply, as well as our other clients fuel inventory are categorized to their particular asset class we and they hold, so quick identification and direct contact can be made to fill demand from a buyer. We also have an extensive database of purchase procurement officers at major buyers and some of the top resellers within the secondary market we sell our and our clients fuel.
We trade in the following products, including but not limited to:
D1 & D2 Diesel
Marine Fuel D6
JP54 Jet Fuel
JPA1 Jet Fuel
WTI Crude

Medical Asset Management
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Our company has distribution modalities for outfitting entire healthcare entities. We are able to fill orders for international markets as well as domestic. Through our relationships we have the ability to provide a wide array of healthcare solutions directed at clinics to large systems.

We have access to the following:
PBM Software recovery
Orthopedic hardware distribution in Domestic and International Markets
Alternative Medicine
Medical advancement in treating and curing for Cancer, HIV/AIDS/HEP-C

5GTE Asset Management
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Our company is a sales partner for PeaTalk 5G Technology. Peatalk is the leading telecommunications technology company designed to deliver “beyond 5G” connectivity.

PeaTalk offers revolutionary changes in technology utilizing backhaul air fiber with 20Gbps throughput with distances up to 16km.